Project Jay Preservation Group

In January 2019 the Project Jay Preservation Group became a formal club. It was originally founded in 2007
when four owners of some of the Land Rover Discovery launch fleet, the G-WACs, met up at the Heritage Run,
Gaydon and decided to get together to find more of these important cars.

Chaired by Roy Preston, the Group is now dedicated to the preservation of all early Land Rover Discoverys,
known as ‘Jays,’ Jay being the code name Land Rover called the new model when it was under development in
the 1980s. The Group is open to all enthusiasts and owners of these pre 1993MY Land Rover Discoverys and
membership is growing steadily

Roy quotes ‘with so few Jays about now, we will not be a wealthy club, we just want to cover costs, the Public
Liability Insurance for shows, show equipment etc. but we hope to encourage owners of Jays to keep them on
the road’. The PJPG hope to be in attendance at many of the major Land Rover and Classic Car shows
throughout the regular show seasons.

When restoring a D1, the mechanical parts and most of the body parts are easy to obtain, either new or from
breakers, but the interior Sonar Blue trim, door cards, Alpine window trims etc, are now almost impossible to
obtain as new items. If anyone is in the process of scrapping a D1 with Sonar Blue trim, or knows of one in a
scrapyard, please get in touch with us first and we will arrange for someone to have a look to see if it is worth

For a membership fee of £25.00 per year, you can help build and maintain the heritage of Land Rover’s first
entry into the SUV market. So, whether you’re the owner of a G-WAC launch Discovery, a Jay, up to model
year 1993, or are simply interested in learning more about these iconic vehicles, visit
for more information.